We install EV chargers for all makes and models of "EV"

We are certified Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging installers


The Most Installations

havePOWER has been installing electric vehicle chargers since 2009. Because of our quality service and precise cost estimation, we have become the "Go-To" company for EV charging. .

We have designed and installed 8,000+ EV charging solutions, typically thousands more than any other company. As a result, we are the most experienced company in the EV charger installation business. We can install your electric vehicle charger anywhere, in the garage, in the exterior of your home or even if requires a trench to get to the desired location. We have our own insured trenching crew


havePOWER is unlike any residential contractor you have employed before. We are on time, always. We are dressed and groomed appropriately, always. We conduct ourselves in the most workmanlike manner, always.


havePOWER is a full-service commercial electrical contractor. Because we cut our teeth on the most complex commercial electrical contracting work, havePOWER can handle all of your business’s electrical needs.

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What is a Master Electrician?

Apprentice:  An apprentice is the first rung on the “electrical industry’s ladder”.  An apprentice is not permitted to perform electrical work without the direct supervision of a master or journeyman electrician.

Journeyman:  A journeyman has worked under a master electrician for at least 4 years and has passed an examination that tests the electrician’s ability to read and interpret the National Electric Code. A journeyman can work without the direct supervision of a master, and a journeyman can supervise  up to four apprentices. 

Master:  A master electrician is just that.  A master is an individual who is considered by his peers, as well as by the governmental regulatory authority to have mastered the electrical trade and all of the facets of the electrical industry.  Before one can be considered eligible to take the grueling Master Electrician Exam, the electrician must (i) have worked under a master electrician for 8 years in all phases of the electrical industry (i.e, industrial, commercial and residential) and (ii) taken hundreds of hours of specialized classes.  The passing rate for the master electrician exam is less than 20%. 

Commercial electrical contractor

Residential electrical contractor

Jason Zawatsky - Master Electrician

Jason, was born and raised in the Bethesda/Chevy chase area and went on to the University of Maryland, graduating with a B.S. in Construction Management.

     Since high school, Jason has excelled in every facet of the electrical industry, from whole house wiring to installing commercial generators the size of a Mac truck to managing multi-million dollar commercial and industrial electrical contracts, including the new Montgomery County Judicial Center.

     Jason is not your typical electrician; he pays extreme attention to detail and cleanliness.  Customers often comment that the work space is cleaner when he leaves than it was when he arrived. Jason gets the job done as fast as possible without compromising quality.

Emergency calls

If you have an emergency electrical need, simply call our 24 hour emergency number

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We install EV chargers for all car brands